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”Die, die immer lacht...”
NPO-Campaign for th German multiple sclerosis association DMSG Olli's part: concept, copywriting, creative direction, directing.
Photography by Olli
Olli work as a photographer since 1985 and still he create photographs in his own independent free way. All he need is something like a camera and a theme.
Olli is busy in art since 1982 and got the Cologne art-award in 1984. To get a look at the art of Olli klick the recent artwork.
Client: Health department of Romania; Agency: Friends-Advertising; Olli's part: concept, sopywriting, directing. Awarded with gold of the Golden Drum-Award
mom and dad
BtB-campaign Client: Lufthansa-Systems, Poduction-house: Laterna magica Olli's part: agency, idea, concept, creative direction, copywriting, directing.
”The sound of silence"
Launch-campaign for YOKOHAMA-rubber. Olli's part: Idea, concept, creative direction, art direction, copywriting, directing. TVC finalist @ NYC-festivals.
”Falling stars”
Client: Energy holding, Olli's part: Concept, creative direction, lyrics, directing.
NPO-spot for the organisation EXIT against nazis, Olli's part: idea, concept, copywriting, directing. Production:: Laterna Magica. Finalist at Cannes lions-festival.
Communication in space
”Tell the story in space. and let them step inside the story. make it alive. create a home for the brand and let it feel.” From time to time Olli get the opportunity to create communications in space. Fairs, shops and shop-in-shops are then his canvas.
Lyrical, soulful shortfall by Olli Bœhm with a poem by Olli as well.
”Ode to the youth”
Client: European Drinks, Agency: Friends Advertising, Production house: Reload. Olli's part: concept, creative direction, directing.
”Alles geht – nur anders!"
NPO-Campaign for the German multiple sclerosis association DMSG Olli's part: concept, copywriting, creative direction, directing.
”little things”
Client: Alliance; production Mouse: Reload. Olli's Part: directing
Client: Danone; production Mouse: Laterna Magica. Olli's Part: directing
corporate design
The CD is the face-of a brand or company..
unseen ideas...
During work or the thoughts of arecent project random ideas grow in mind. Maybe it inspires you or it push you to different perspective. All ideas at this side follows the good old formula: KISS. Keep It Simple and Smart. Lets talk about!
”Der kleine Tannenbaum”
This shortfilm from 2001 was written, directed and together with Volker May produced by Olli Bœhm and became a tradition because NBC-Europe over years. Olli thank Marek Erhard, Uta Nawrad, Rüdiger Chmielus, Michael Kadelbach and many more to made it happen.
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