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Non-fiction: ”I'll stay seated” published
The unbriefedZINE 01
ad's like street photography
”Die, die immer lacht...”
NPO-Campaign for the German multiple sclerosis association DMSG Olli's part: concept, copywriting, creative direction, directing.
Client: Health department of Romania; Agency: Friends-Advertising; Olli's part: concept, sopywriting, directing. Awarded with gold of the Golden Drum-Award
”Ode to the youth”
Client: European Drinks, Agency: Friends Advertising, Production house: Reload. Olli's part: concept, creative direction, directing.
Kidsbeach of dreams
TVC for Swiss assurance. Olli's job: directing
The power of paper
TVC for ZEWA: Ollis job: Directing
Photography by Olli
Olli work as a photographer since 1985 and still he create photographs in his own independent free way. All he need is something like a camera and a theme.
Olli is busy in art since 1982 and got the Cologne art-award in 1984. To get a look at the art of Olli klick the recent artwork.
Legend 1+2
mom and dad
BtB-campaign Client: Lufthansa-Systems, Poduction-house: Laterna magica Olli's part: agency, idea, concept, creative direction, copywriting, directing.
”The sound of silence"
Launch-campaign for YOKOHAMA-rubber. Olli's part: Idea, concept, creative direction, art direction, copywriting, directing. TVC finalist @ NYC-festivals.
”Falling stars”
Client: Energy holding, Olli's part: Concept, creative direction, lyrics, directing.
NPO-spot for the organisation EXIT against nazis, Olli's part: idea, concept, copywriting, directing. Production:: Laterna Magica. Finalist at Cannes lions-festival.
Communication in space
”Tell the story in space. and let them step inside the story. make it alive. create a home for the brand and let it feel.” From time to time Olli get the opportunity to create communications in space. Fairs, shops and shop-in-shops are then his canvas.
Lyrical, soulful shortfall by Olli Bœhm with a poem by Olli as well.
”Alles geht – nur anders!"
NPO-Campaign for the German multiple sclerosis association DMSG Olli's part: concept, copywriting, creative direction, directing.
”little things”
Client: Alliance; production Mouse: Reload. Olli's Part: directing
Client: Danone; production Mouse: Laterna Magica. Olli's Part: directing
”Der kleine Tannenbaum”
20001-2021 20 YEAR-Anniversary!!! This shortfilm from 2001 was written, directed and together with Volker May produced by Olli Bœhm and became a tradition because NBC-Europe over years. Olli thank Marek Erhard, Uta Nawrad, Rüdiger Chmielus, Michael Kadelbach and many more to made it happen.
corporate design
The CD is the face-of a brand or company..
Elite coffee, except for kids and dogs
TVC for Elite coffee. Olli's job: Directing
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