His life began in 1967 in Frankfurt/Main

Olli Boehm as the son of a fashion illustrator and one Advertising man. Olli spent his school days in the free Waldorf school and left it with the technical University entrance qualifification. Already at this time Olli was Active artist until he worked in fashion and advertising in Paris Photography with Hermann Leonhard, among others learned.

Olli returned to Frankfurt as a photographer and graphic designer worked in advertising at some advertising agencies. At the beginning of the 1990s he became a creative business manager Leader of an advertising agency until he got his fifirst break and came back in 2001 as an adver- tising fifilm director. During this time Olli had se- veral exhibitions as an artist and received seve- ral awards and prizes for his Work. Olli was also a lecturer at Hamburg Academy for Art Direc- tion and at Schwerin Fashion design school.

In 2008 Olli got multiple sclerosis and at some point the advertising industry turned its back on him. Another relaunch was necessary and Olli thought about it to his real passion, which is art fifinds playing fifield. Olli also works as an author.


2024 m.k. Schott Art&Atelier Landsberger Kunst-Nacht

2021 Studio-Vernissage Allgäu

2017 Expo-event Nuernberg

2015 Exhibition Torhaus Kunst- und Kultur Verein, Lübeck

2015 Joint Exhibition DENKEN - FÜHLEN - MALEN Tour through Germany 2015 Atelier-Expo, Lübeck

2014 Joint Exhibition DENKEN - FÜHLEN - MALEN Tour through Germany 2013 Joint Exhibition DENKEN - FÜHLEN - MALEN Tour through Germany 2007 Exhibition in the the gallery FUTURELL in Munich

2003 Exhibition in the MUSEUMSHOF WALLUHN near Hamburg

1997 Experimental Exhibition Culture-Club BUFF in Frankfurt 1997 Exhibition in the city library of Bad Homburg

1991 Exhibition in the gallery NOI in Lugano

1990 Atelier exhibition in Idstein.

1989 Exhibition gallery Gross in Stuttgart.

1986 Exhibition in the gallery KUNSTHAUS WELKER in Heidelberg 1986 COLOGNE Art price and joint exhibition in Colonge

1986 Exhibition at NASSAUISCHER KUNSTVEREIN in Wiesbaden. 1985 Joint exhibition in the art-hall in Wiesbaden.

1985 Exhibition in RUDOLF STEINER SCHULE in Frankfurt/Main. 1984 First exhibition in the jazz cooperative ARTIST in Wiesbaden

Awards and nominations:

Cologne art-award as the best offspring artist, nominated at Lions Cannes, NY-Festival, awarded at Red dot, silver at Itva-award, gold at Golden drum for east Europe