sentiment is the most extensive photo book of Olli Boehm's 
photographic work to date. Against the background of his 
soulful pictures. Photographs, partly painted over, digitally 
edited or captured in between during his breaks in shooting.
It is not technical perfection that drives him, but rather the 
whole thing.
Similar to the famous Saul Leiter, a picture or a story is good 
when it touches the heart of the viewer; not technical perfection.
It is the moment, the situation, light, color and motif that inspire Olli to create a picture from the moment. 
He presents black and white photographs in their simplicity in their purest form, he contrasts them with overpainted, 
processed images. 
His imagination will do the rest.
What they have in common is an emotional story that 
every picture has to tell.
"Every picture is like a song and this book is the album.
Some images are analog, some are digital. And to be honest: 
it doesn't give a shit either. The decisive factor is whether and how it works."
Olli Boehm

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