1967Born in Frankfurt/Main

as the son of a fashion-artist and of an ad-man


at free Waldorf-schools in Paderborn and Frankfurt/Main

1984first Vernissage at Artist Jazz-club and gallery/Wiesbaden

1986practice as photographer /Paris, Frankfurt/Main

1988professional work as a graphic-designer

1989graphic-astest at the Frankfurt/Nain ad-agency: Voigt&Partner

1990worked as a junior Art Director at Meire und Meire- agency Wiesbaden and Cologne

1992Art Director at Abels&Partner and Meire und Meire

1993published books: Alltag, Mal mal, Wort und Bild, Trudel

co-owner and creative director st NOI /Lugano/swiss

1996creative director at the agency.group:PMI

1998Executive Creative Director at PMI

1999Creative consultant for PMI and KJS

2000work as a freelance director for commercials and

2004Lecturer at Akademie für Kommunikation und Art Direktion/Hamburg

2014work as a freelance creative-director, -consultant, copywriter and as a director and writer

2016additional worked as a perconal-coach

2018additional work as a lecturer at the DA-Academy Hamburg

Awards: Cologne Art award, Itva in silver, Cannes-Lions,

               Red dot, New York Festival, Art award Swiss

For further art-infos visit www.unbriefed.com


1997fraktale marketing. Trend-Forum /Frankfurt/Main

1998creative thinking. Villa Tassen.Bornemissa /Lugano Ch,

2000creative politics. Near Hamburg

2004Lectures about moving marketing /Hamburg

2005talks about communication in room /munich

2007Talks about Visual communication /Oberursel, Fulda, Würzburg

2008 since than Coaching becomes Olli’s additional profession 

2009New thinking and acting /Munich, Bucharest

2016”a pic says more than 1000 words“ talk in Lubbock

2018”Its all through a story“ Storytelling talk /Luebeck

2018”Respect is the key“ talk  about MS and a good together /Luebeck

2019        Lecture for advertising for the Design-School Schwerin

...about Olli Bœhm